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TCS 2013-2014 Campus Prep.- Latest Placement Paper & Tips To Crack TCS 2014 Campus

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Good news for TCS 2013-2014 campus appearing students in various engineering colleges in India. (Also Read: How To Apply For TCS 2013-2014 Off Campus Jobs ? from October 2013 onwards.Recently TCS has finished its recruitment drive in Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering & Technology Pune which is one of the most famous and respected engineering college in Pune & TCS had given 100+ selections in campus recruitment drive at PCCOE Pune which is a good number despite almost all the IT companies facing recession currently.TCS has not given much selections last two year placements.Now the campus result of PCCOE Pune has given a slight boost for 2013-2014 TCS campus appearing freshers.I am sharing my views below, having considered this result of TCS placement conducted on 9th & 10th October 2013 at PCCOE Pune.Also Read some most frequently asked TCS HR-PI & Technical questions below:
Being from ECE Branch Why Want To Join TCS ?
Despite Being from a core branch why want to join TCS ?
Tell Me something about yourself ?
What is your salary expectations ?
As mentioned by Mr. Ravandale the ( very dynamic, hard working & devoted for placements ) TPO of PCCOE college that the TCS Online Test cut off in Online Test matters more and at PCCOE 91 % students cleared the TCS Online Test and from these almost all the students were finally given the
offer letters which means that this time TCS is not willing to reduce the numbers in the last rounds so it is suggested to the 2013-2-14 TCS campus appearing students that they must focus
more on TCS Online Test. I suggest all the dear freshers to go to facebook and search for PCCOE TCS selected students Or they can in fact get it done personally through their relatives residing in Pune/Mumbai ask for latest placement paper of TCS campus conducted on 9th/10th October @ PCCOE Pune .This TCS Campus Placement drive placement paper will be extremely helpful for 2013-2014 TCS campus appearing freshers.

Make & Submit CV For TCS Jobs

Now let us discuss certain basics about TCS new pattern for 2013-2014 TCS campus appearing freshers: 

1.) Again it has been heard that in some of the recent TCS campuses for 2014 passing freshers that The TCS next step portal is very useful , in fact recently at one college whole verbal section was exactly the same as the questions given in TCS next step portal.

2.) For Analytical again like previous years the questions are mostly coming from Arun Sharma's CAT prep. book and general aptitude questions from R S Agarwal's book.Pattern is expected to be same (30 Ques. 80 Min.)

3.) For Tech Round just prepare whatever you write in your CV , so be smart and write only what you confidently know.Core branch students must have read my Career Guidance articles below which will be very helpful for certain tough questions asked to core branch students in TCS:

Being from ECE Branch Why Want To Join TCS ?

Despite Being from a core branch why want to join TCS ?

4.) For last HR-PI round just prepare your CV with TCS company profile which is the most important part , being an experienced TPO from Chhattisgarh based all engineering colleges where TCS visits, I have seen if a fresher has enough information about TCS and can relate his/her branch, project, vocational training, hobby and strength to TCS mission and vision or the products they are making then that candidate is given relaxation in certain
wrong answers also Or certain confidence lacking problem or communication problems by giving extra time and chances to speak.

For TCS company profile you can just visit TCS portal and on the main page you can see two Tabs namely Industries and News /Events , just select industries related to your branch from Industries tab and make a note of good points TCS is doing related to your branch and then go to News & Events and note few of the recent Awards & Achievements, Mergers/Acquisitions , New Product Launch(again focus your branch related products) etc... 

I am sure you must have read my answers to these popular HR-PI questions:

  Tell Me something about yourself ?
  What is your salary expectations ?

Last but not the least if you have cleared the Online Test then no one can reject you in the other rounds if you just do these two things:  

a.) Prepare your CV properly avoiding things you are not confident, no flashy advance technologies, like if your know JAVA then don't mention JAVA rather mention Core Java,many of students cleared TCS having just mentioned C,C++ and Object Oriented Programming in their CV.  

b.) Don't leave the chair in hurry, just stick to that telling your mind that you are born to be part of TCS , ask for some time if you don't know the answer , think and get back with the answer if you have got it like this "Sir/Ma'am, thanks for giving time I have got the answer and the answer is ...."If suppose you did not get the answer then no worries (If Raspiest  can be given food by GOD then I am sure you are far far better than Rap...) so just have confidence telling your mind that "One line has been drawn on my forehead by GOD for my bread & butter , if not TCS then their is another job surly waiting for me so why to worry I will just talk normally" remember you are a fresher and TCS HR or any company HR also don't expect you to answer all the questions properly or 100 % correctly but what they want is, there must be a good two way communication .. so if you did not get the answer then just come back with this "Sir/Ma'am thanks for giving time to think, well, I am sorry I could not get the answer unfortunately , I will be thankful to you if you could please help me with it ", If HR says "Why I should help you ?", then no need to reply just be normal shaking your head and a small smile on your face showing that you are a baby who could not get one answer...again remember guys any company which is coming to hire a fresher will never like interruption and argument from the candidates so try to be just normal , you have almost won the battle by clearing the Online Test & Technical Round , consider last round is like dealing with your girlfriend/boyfriend parents before talking to them for your marriage knowing that these parents are happy with your relation, similarly TCS or any company will always be happy to hire more after the last rounds and reject more after the first round...Again, HR-PI round is non rejection round (you must think like this). Take a deep breath and exhale it through mouth before entering into the interview room which will make you very much relaxed while replying to questions, you can do this while answering questions also just exhale through your nose...Alright freshers I am done talking.For your career queries and to read others queries answered by me you can please visit my blog Free Career Guidance By Rakesh Yadav Sir From JobInMyState Blog 
Thanks & Happy Job Hunting & Best of Luck For TCS 2013-2014 Campus..Join me on Google Plus