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How To Prepare For PSC Exam-2012-2013-March 2012

PSC-2012-2013 Best Tips  To Crack By Swati Yadav For Rakesh Yadav Sir [Shreeem Classes & Consultants HR-PI & Career Guidance Expert].

Dear Swati,

Preparing for PSC exam depends more on you parents financial condition because today any exam preparation depends on your pocket, you interest is secondary, please accept this fact.

If you understand above fact then read this post further else please waste your time for some so called career counselors who have themselves educated from costly schools and belonged to rich families and  when they found themselves not ready to undergo their job pressure then have returned to their family business and started career guidance and personality development program...please keep 1000 Km distance from these people.

Alright so, I hope you understand the fact that the money is required to get selected in PSC exam and you parents are ready to invest money and time in you , now what??,,Nothing just prepare through experts  on PSC and try until you crack PSC-2012-2013, yes its as simple as that,but I know we you will also be psychological patient like almost all youngsters nowadays , yes I was also one of you during my engineering, I say psychological patient to students who unnecessary take tension without even thinking whether that problem is related to their GOAL or not ?

well so you please don't be like above kind of youngsters and follow below points to clear PSC-2012-2013:

(1) Divide your 7 days into 5-1-1, 

5 days for PSC 2012-2013 Preparation and noting down all suggestions of so called friends, enemies, Pappa, Please do not take any tension these 5 days, just PSC, PSC& PSC prep..

1 Day for whatever you noted down during previous 5 days and think whether they are good for you to achieve your GOAL or not ? Are they worth giving time and importance to clear PSC ?, talk to your seniors who have cleared PSC from social networking web sites,,no study on this day, just research on your current AIM and make a plan for next 5 days only, This day try to find out answers for all WHY ? questions related to your AIM, Personality,Education, Family, Friends, Hobby, Strength, Future Plan...etc...just keep your answers ready for all who can distract you during coming 5 days when you would want to give your more than 100 % for your PSC prep..

1 day for fun, just enjoy this life no PSC no plan for it,,,just fun , fun and fun,,,let the Duniya Go To Hell, Let the people who give suggestion to Go To Hell...no more suggestion, just chill out....

Now if you follow this kind of routine then no one can distract you as you have a set plan for you life, now instead of wasting your time and suddenly changing your plant you will note down that in your diary to think of decided 1 day for all research on suggestions and will surly be able to give more than 100 % to your AIM.

I bet you if you have ever given your more than 100 % , you must have received more than 200 % out of it...

Alright so now you agree to divide your days like this, now what all the resources you can do research on your AIM i.e., clearing PSC on decided 1 day for making plan for current AIM and to be implemented in next 5 days........Read below....

(a) Join a good institute for PSC prep.. best is to go to Delhi , there are many good PSC/ PSC/ IAS/ IES prep. institute. I am sure you will be confused here with many questions like, Sir, my parent won't allow me to go to other cities etc....Ok no problem please don't fight with them just join any local PSC prep. classes which are known,,,,here you may take 2 years to crack PSC as compared to 1 year from Delhi classes, well it depends on lot many factors, there are many students I have met who wasted their parents hard earned money in Delhi and got nothing after their PSC prep.But make sure you are feeling confident on your institute selection.

(2) Make up your mind that I have to crack PSC no matter how much time it takes, if my parents tell me get married then I will request my husband to let me prepare for PSC but I have to crack PSC till my age limit is there...

(3) Be active member at UPSC Portal  no more other web sites please for prep. material, you can also chat with other PSC aspirants here.Daily visit this site at least for 30 minutes not for prep. material, pleas follow your training institute's prep. material at least for the first try, use this site to clarify your doubts which can not be clarified by your faculties through CHAT at this web site ..

(4) Make friends who have cracked PSC at FACEBOOK...and talk to them only on that 1 day mentioned above for you Career Planning day for next 5 days.

(5) Go to Delhi once in two months and just visit the hostels where PSC aspirants stay and get inspired by them , apart from this you can also buy nice hand written notes of previous students who studies in those institutes and cracked this exam.

That's it,,if still you are not sure what to do then I am helpless to say you may be a psychological patent like other youngsters today who have been made like this by the useless education system of our country.

One more thing for you: I will say you are sincere student if you quickly ask me your cross question on this suggestion right away through our Free Career Guidance Service , its better to be treated by one Doctor instead of many until that doctor ignore you and do not listen to you, well I consider myself as a good career doctor, give me one more chance to treat you by asking
another question on How To Prepare For PSC Exam ? and I will be more than glad to assist you.